Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Spring is in the air and is coarsing through our house and all of its inhabitants.  The hubby is talking of new landscaping ideas, I myself, am dreaming and planning of a garden, and, of course, the kiddos are relishing every moment outside.  The sun has come out to shine. and with it's anticipated appearances, my children have been clamoring to do the same.  It has been hard for me to enforce the "homework must be done before anything else" rule when they get home from school as it has been so nice out.  So, we have been modifying the rule a little bit and enjoying the great outside world.  I absolutely love watching my children play outside.  I love how the sunlight shines down on them -- how it turns their faces almost radiant and bounces off their hair as they run and play.  I love hearing their excited sqeals of joy and shouts to one another.  And lastly, I love the pure abandon that they run and play with -- carefree and wild.  It is in these moments and times where I have to catch my breath and thank God with all that I am for blessing me so abundantly.  My house may not be perfectly clean and my laundry is piled up, but I have the most beautfiul bouquet of dandelions on my table, picked especially for me by all three of my sweet kiddos.

Watering the new grass seeds turns into an impromptu
play time for the daddy and kiddos - much to the
delight of both!

Pure joy in motion

Is it surprising that he is the wettest one of them all?
No, not surprising at all!!!!!

Even the oldest got into the fun of the water!

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