Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break - Day 1

Ben, getting ready to eat dinner (jerk chicken was finishing up on the grill)

Nate and Sophie "We're just so happy momma"

Laying out on the Carribean beach
Warmer days, budding plants, robin's chirping, and the sounds of children playing outside can only mean one thing ... Spring is on it's way!  Another sign would be that my boys get to be home with me for this whole week as it is their Spring Break!  I totally love having them home!  In the spirit of Spring Break I decided it would be fun to travel around the world.  Stopping each day in a different country, learning about that country, doing some fun activities and crafts related to that country, and having an "authentic" dining experience from that country.  We will see how the dining experiences go with my little picky eater -- that, in itself, could be an experience!  And so we started our travels today.  This morning found us in the Caribbean.  My kids definitely got into character.  My oldest (Ben, age 8) made me laugh so hard as we did have to run a few errands this morning.  We needed to pick up a few necessary ingredients at the grocery store and get to the library.  Well, this mama also wanted to stop by the fabric store since it was close to the library.  When I made mention of this Ben spoke out that he did not think there were fabric stores in the Carribean (which translated, means he did not want to stop there).  Poor boy!  Our time in the Carribean definitely kicked in once we got home.  The sun had come out and it had warmed up.  The kiddos put on their "tropical outfits" that I had found (Hawaiian print shirts and shorts for my boys, and a "tropical" sundress for my girlie, and beads and lei's to further their ensembles)  We played outside and enjoyed the sunshine.  Then we all (daddy included) enjoyed our dinner of jerk chicken, saffron rice, pineapple, and a tropical fruit smoothie.  I wasn't sure how it would go over, but the jerk chicken was a hit -- even my picky ate all of hers!  To conclude our night in the Carribean we layed out our beach towels, the kids got on their swimsuits (which they were delighted to do) and layed out in the living room for a little snack (bananas and oranges) and movie time.  They went to bed happy and eager for our next adventure tommorow.  I love their excitement and their ability to, along with me, totally throw themselves into this trip of ours.  Their giggles of joy at getting to wear their swimsuits and lay out on their towels, their non-stop chatter at supper as they fill daddy in on the day's events, and the sunshine shining down on them making them positively radiant will stay embedded in my memories of our trip to the Carribean and this day.  How blessed I am to have them as my travelling companions, not only for our Spring Break travels, but as I travel through the even more exciting journeys of motherhood  Stay tuned for news from our next stop.     

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