Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break - The last days

     Ah, is good to be back again!  I apologize for not posting in the last few days.  Let me assure you, it definitely was not because I did not want to.  The weekend definitely hit and the days flew by!  We finished up our world travels and returned back to our "normal life."  A good time was definitely had by all and it was sad to see my boys go back to school this morning.  Our last two stops brought lots of fun and, as always, some good food.  On Friday we headed to the beautiful country of Italy.  Each kiddo drew/colored an Italian flag (being it is three vertical rectangles of green, white, and red they all felt they could do that).  We looked up and practiced some italian words  (hello, how are you, goodbye, etc...).  This is where I wish I knew how to video or attatch a recording of some kind as it was slightly interesting.  We talked about the waterways and traveling by gondola.  Of course Sophie related this to the boat that Tangled (Rapunzel) rode in.  The two littles had fun acting this one out in the laundry basket.  We were blessed to be joined by friends for our Italian dinner of lasagna, french bread, and salad.  I apologize now for the lack of pictures from this day.  When I went to take some pictures I quickly learned that the camera needed charged.  Ach!  Originally, this stop was going to be our last, but with the next day (Saturday) being St. Patrick's Day how could we not make a stop in Ireland?  So on to Ireland we went!  Not really being prepared for this stop we did not partake of any authentic Irish meals.  We did however eat our share of green things.  I shared my VHS taped recording of "Riverdance" with them -- most of it anyway.  Happy to report that they all seemed to like it and think that it was "pretty cool."  I then got a treat by watching them Irish step dance.  Pure joy, I tell you!!  This would be where I would love to insert another video if I could, but I will just have to be happy to have it play on in my heart and in my memory.  Besides wearing our share of green (and even making a shamrock shirt for the girlie to wear) that pretty much much concludes our quick impromptu trip to Ireland.  As it is now all said and done, the kiddos are unanimous in their decision that they enjoyed each day, but their favorite was our day in the Carribean.  I enjoyed it all and am definitely looking forward to the summer days of having them all home and the adventures we will have.  After all, each day is an adventure!

My "Buggy" (Naterbug), smiling in his green AND his new specs

Ben, also sporting his green for the day

The girlie, playing in the sunshine


Found their first ladybug of the year

Always on the move!

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