Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Trip Anyone?

     Still dusting off from our Spring Break World Trip, the memories still fresh, I started remembering other world trips we have taken in the past.  I know I shared this quite a while ago on my facebook page, but I thought that maybe now, after our recent "travels" would be the perfect time to share it again in case anyone else would find it interesting.  First off, you have to know that we absolutely LOVE books at our house.  One of the first series of books that really captured my boys was "The Magic Tree House" series by Mary Pope Osbourne.  These are early reader chapter books about Jack and Annie, a brother and sister, who discover a tree house in the woods by their house.  When they climb up into it they discover it is full of books.  They then learn that if they point to a picture in one of the books and wish they were there the treehouse starts to spin and takes them there.  Each book is a different adventure in which they travel to a different place and time.  The books are filled with a mix of historical facts and fantasy -- perfect for blossoming imaginations!  These books were definitely favorites around our house for a long time.  I would even catch my kiddos playing Magic Tree House.  I am also fortunate that I have a great sister-in-law who, at this time introduced us to the Magic Tree House website which has many great things.  There are games, information on the books, the author, the illustrator, and my kiddos favorite ... the ability to print out your very own passport to adventure!  We have now done this a couple of times and had fun each time.  What you do is print out your passport and put it together.  And, because each book takes you to a different time and place there is a spot for a stamp for each book.  Now, this is what the teacher in me really get your stamp for each book you have to go online and answer about three multiple choice questions correctly.  When my boys were much younger this gave me an idea on what they were remembering and learning, and then when they were reading the books on their own I could see if they were comprehending what they were reading themselves.  It is just a lot of fun -- and they never saw it as "work" or a "test".  You can't beat that!!!!!!  Maybe you would like to take a trip in a Magic Tree House?  Here's the link ...


Some of the books and Ben's passport from last summer

A look at the inside and the stamps you can earn as you travel
with Jack and Annie in the Magic Tree House.  You just print
them out and glue them in.

Ben's passport from last summer

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